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The Pro's & Con's of being different from your spouse

Marc has and always is very creative. He can sing, write music, make clothes if he wanted to. He's a video producer, video editor, "the sound guy" and all that entails. Anything that has to do with being artistic and creative he can do and if he doesn't know how to do something he will learn. Most of the skills he has he taught himself how to do because he loves it. Art and creativity is the best way Marc expresses himself. On top of all of that he's an extrovert. He loves to talk to people. I seen it with my own eyes. He gets energy from talking to people, especially if they are discussing a good topic. His personality and energy is very contagious. It's like he draws people to him whenever he open his mouth. When it comes to people you have to be patient in general, but he is a very patient man. My husband loves watching movies. Mainly super hero movies. He knows everything you need to know about Avengers, Dead pool, Logan and all the rest of them. I can't forget anime which is his favorite. He knows the history of their lives and everything. If he could he would sit and watch movies all day. Last thing that I will share with you guys. He loves to listen to podcast. All kinds of them. In any time of the day to. He would be fine waking up listening to a podcast and watching a movie at the same time. Although it's weird that he can't cook and hold a conversation without leaving the pots to boil over lol. But below is a glimpse of my Husband. Marc Bessiake

I have always been a person that was always in her head. I think a lot, and I rationalize things down to the tee. Analyze should be my first name. I love analyzing things. I'd like to think that I'm an introvert but I think I am both. An introvert and Extrovert depending on the day and depending on the person. I sing and write music as well. I'm a really big fan of R&B music. I could listen to R&B all day. I don't need any other genre. The best way I express myself is through writing. Writing is what creativity is to my husband. Writing gives me so much freedom to say what ever I want without opening up my mouth. Another reason I love writing is because my emotions can't stop me from writing. Trying to talk and express myself doesn't work as well. One of the things that calms me is sitting by a river or a beach or anything that has streams of water with the wind blowing and the sun shining. Like my perfect day would be sitting by the water reading a good book in silence. Last thing I will share with you guys is I love the silence. When I'm getting ready to go to sleep it has to be silent. When I wake up in the morning I want to start my day in silence. I can think better or not think at all. So yeah that's a little glimpse of Me.

Janisha Bessiake


Everything that I am Marc is not. And everything that he is I'm not. What we both have realized is that we balance each other out so well. I'm going to give you an example. Marc likes to be around noise all the time it can be from television, a podcast, music and etc. Most of the time I like silence and because I like silence it's good for Marc because he's never silent. He don take the time out to just sit in silence sometimes. So I think I balance him out pretty well in that area. Since Marc is an extrovert he can literally talk to anyone and engage in conversation with them even if he's not interested in what the other person is talking about. When it comes to me I observe you before I talk to you, and I don't have a long discussion about something i'm not interested in. Since I've been married to this man i have been talking to people and just starting conversations. I don't even recognize who I am anymore. He has really helped me step my game up when it comes to being social and everything that entails. With All of our differences not only can we balance each other out with different things but learning how to compromise with each other in different areas. Perfecting how to compromise our differences is really important. I think were doing a great Job learning each other and making as many adjustments as need be. Con's When there are two different people coming together as one union, it's the most irritating thing you may experience. Well it was for us. Not only are we different far as our personalities, but our ways and how we like things or want things done. The Process of seeing where were going to compromise and when we're not. You could feel like in that moment that every time something new comes up that your always fighting. I never had that mindset but I knew that in those moment where we didn't see eye to eye it was because we were used to something being a certain way. I remember the first time we went grocery shopping it was not the way I expected it to be. The whole time he's picking up certain brand's of food that I wasn't used to. And what I was picking up he wasn't used to. So we were getting aggravated with each other. But now we figured out that since I'm going to do most of the cooking I can just go grocery shopping by myself. That's what we discovered and it works for both of us. With each day were learning something new and were compromising daily. Trying to become one mind and move as a unit. This includes everything our wants, desires, dreams, goals, career, home, children, business, and etc. I'm going to end this Blog with a quote I thought was really dope "A Good Marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband" By MIchael de Montaigne

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