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What BessiakeVision Means To Me

Around the time when My husband and I were dating, Marc was working at a church and doing little side gigs but I don't think he really had a vision of what he wanted to do with his gifts. I've seen some old work that he did with short films and video editing and It looked like he really enjoyed what he was doing. He was so excited with what he was doing then and I think he had a vision but just didn't know how to birth it out or how to get to the next level. Around the time when we got engaged he began to do more things like photo shoots, voice overs, and music. I really admired all these gifts that he was just holding back on. I know he may have been more focused on taking care of his responsibilities and everything that comes with being a Good Man but when I've seen all the things that my Husband could do, I wanted him to use all of his gifts.

So after we were married I remember we sat down and we discuss our dreams and goals and just what he wanted to do as a team. He began to explain to me what Bessiake Vision was and his plan for it. I just wanted him to have a vision and to make the steps to see that Vision come to life. So after that dope discussion we had about his Vision, I began to see my Husband get inspired by the things he was doing. He just got busy doing stuff and I believe he still didn't have much direction at first about where he wanted to go with all the stuff he was doing, but I was just glad that he was becoming motivated again. So as I'm seeing this happen right in front of my eyes I made sure that I was praying for my Husband. I asked God to reveal to him in the right timing what it is he should be doing and the steps he needed to take in order to grow and become better.

Moving forward it has been close to a year now that we have been married. My Husband has a Vision and he knows the direction he wants to go. God answered my prayers because he is utilizing most of his gifts and talents with combining my gifts and talents as well for Bessiake Vision. I believe that this brand, this Vision that God has blessed my Husband with is the Vision God has for our lives as a union. It's not just about our union but it's about us using what we have to impact the world. Things are falling right into place the way that they should. I'm excited about the continual growth and Success this vision will bring to our lives and to others as well. To me Bessiake Vision is Marc and I utilizing our gifts and talents to impact the world. This vision is about how we can express our selves with building others up. Bessiake Vision can be a variety of gifts being combined for a grater purpose than ourselves. Gifts that range from photography and Videography to writing , counseling and so much more. We want to present our creativity in a business form. Its not just labeled as one thing. This Vision is a purpose that God has for our family, legacy, and community. Its Vision, purpose, and goals all wrapped up in one. It's a team that will continue to build. But for now My husband and I are laying the foundation. Its not just about the brand but its about our life and growth. The more we grow, the greater we become with everything that we do.

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