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My Journey from Detroit to Indiana

It was two weeks before our wedding. I remember leaving my mom's house where I stayed at the time. I was on the way to my Father in law house. Out of no where I just started crying. Every since Marc and I decided that It was best for me to live in Indiana I don't think it really hit me until it was almost time for me to leave. I was thinking to myself as I was crying I'm really about to live in a new state, on top of with no family there. I was about to make two major steps at one time. It was very exciting for me and my family. But bitter sweet at the same time. I'm getting married to the best Man in the world and living in a new state. Before Marc had proposed I knew it was time to leave my Mom's house. God was showing me that it was time to go. So I started looking at apartments that I could afford. I applied for some, and even went to visit a couple that I was really interested in. But I couldn't find anything I could afford or I kept getting denied or places that I could afford they was just too far from home and work. But i didn't let that discourage me I continued looking. Still nothing! Around this time Marc and I were in a relationship. So about 5 months later he proposed to me. So I was right when I felt like a shift was taking place and it was time for me to go. But little did I know, I didn't know it was time to get married and Move to another state. So much bigger than what I was expecting. So once we started getting prepared for me to move I just begin to reminisce on what was taking place in my life at the moment. I was thinking about my church home and how much I've grown there. Just how much I've grown period as a woman and a christian. But because of where I am now I was done growing there. When I look back I knew God had planted me and watered me to grow. I compared myself to a flower. In Detroit I was planted and I sprouted. Everything I've known was from there. Including my family who I love so much. I was getting ready to leave all that behind and start a New journey. I was excited to see what this new journey would bring.

After the wedding and honeymoon we came straight to our new home Indianapolis, Indiana. I was just so excited. For about the first five months here I was good. I pretty much stayed to myself for the most part. Didn't really want to know people. I just wanted to sit back and observe. During this time I was just thinking Lord what do you have for me here. But as the months continued to go by I found myself missing everything that I was used to. I begin missing my family so much. The person I miss the most is my mother. Not being able to just see her face when I come home like I use to. It made me feel empty inside. I begin to see that I was getting very uncomfortable. Honestly because I was so uncomfortable I didn't want to be here anymore. Everything was new and I wasn't comprehending what was going on in my life at the moment. During this time God was telling me to just trust him. With tears in my eyes I did. I can't explain to you how uncomfortable I was. I thought when I got here I was just going to be able to stay to myself and work my job and basically be a wife. But God had a bigger plan. Because I was missing my family we did go visit time to time and that helped me out a lot. But once I got out of myself I started to see myself changing. I was asking God for years to show me who I am and to show me what he see's inside of me. He begin showing me my purpose and who I am. As as well as what he wants me to start doing. At first I was really struggling with doing what he told me to do. But I finally gave in. I started walking in places I've never been before and because of my obedience I started seeing a woman I have never seen before. And in that moment I knew why I was placed here. Indiana is the place where I just won't sprout but begin to blossom. A lot has changed in me since I've been here. A lot of good things and man I didn't think I would make it this far because at first I didn't want to go. But now I am writing my first book that I'm super excited about. The book is about the process it takes to be healed from internal wounds. I'm also forming a sisterhood that's all about Women uplifting, loving, and caring for one another. As well as helping my Husband with his Vision and business. I had to be uprooted from where I was and planted in some new dirt so that I could grow properly. And I thank God and my Husband for helping me with this new journey. This has been my first time being uncomfortable but I like being this way because so much growth has taken place here. I'm blossoming into who I was created to be. Me!

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